Quality Assurance

PCBWin team has been deeply engaged in SMT process technology for more than 10 years.

In 2014, it began to cooperate with well-known domestic solution providers and gradually developed into a one-stop electronic manufacturing service platform. Relying on solid management and SMT technology foundation, it has provided manufacturing services to more than 1000 solution providers and manufacturers at home and abroad. In the aspect of device procurement, it has established close and mutually beneficial cooperation with major material procurement platforms, microchip, mobile and other chip manufacturers.

In high-end consumer electronics, smart home, Internet of things, automotive electronics, communication products, military and other products, it has accumulated more than 20000 process experience in different types of products. And established an effective quality management system for small and medium-sized batch production. Provide 100% quality assurance for all kinds of customers.

We are committed to: fast delivery, stable quality and reasonable price of multi variety and low volume manufacturing services. Solve the manufacturing problems of product R & D.

It has passed ISO9001, ITAF16949 and ISO13485 PCBA production certification for automobile, medical devices and equipment.

Product Inspection Services

  • QC checklist consultation and development
  • First article inspection
  • AOI, X-ray, SPI, eye inspection etc.
  • Personalized quoting of inspection tests, procedures and sample size tailored to fit your needs and budget
  • IQC, during production inspections, final pre-shipment inspections and container loading monitoring carried out by qualified auditors experienced with your product type
  • Inspection reports issues same-day at no additional cost


Product functional test service

PCBWin will provide IC programming and functional test service according to the customers’ requirements

Quality advantage

Strengthen IQC and QE teams, conduct strict inspection and reliability analysis on incoming materials and feed back to customers.

Conduct reliable welding analysis and 100% confirmation of PCB pad matching for each key component.

Strictly control the storage and baking of humidity sensitive components to ensure the welding reliability and prevent components from being damaged.

The barcode management system is introduced to ensure the special use of components for each project and prevent the mixed use of components for each project.

Strictly implement ISO16949, ISO13485 and IPC-A-610E inspection standards.

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