PCBWIN Assembly has a professional PCB design team and we offer a range of high quality PCB design services, including design and build innovative devices and products for our customers. If you have an idea or a great project, we can help you design and implement it.

We use some professional software for PCB designing to place routes according to the electrical schematic diagram and the structure diagram. The designing and development for electronic products are involved such as: Hardware design, Schematic design and optimization ,SI/PI signal power integrity simulation, EMC solutions,high-speed PCB design. We are committed to taking reliability product optimization design (design optimization, Si / PI, EMC, thermal, DFM analysis, etc.), high-speed PCB design and flexible manufacturing as its main core competitiveness.

Absolute competitiveness for industry customers and small and medium-sized customers product service will offer in PCBWin.

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Professional High-speed PCB design

We can Support mainstream design tools in the industry:

  • Allegro
  • Pads
  • Mentor,Expedition

Design types:

  • Rapid
  • simulation
  • Digital analog hybrid
  • high density, high voltage
  • high power
  • RF
  • backplane
  • ATE
  • Flex
  • Flex-rigid board
  • Aluminum board

We are in  a leading position in the field of high-speed design, and has in-depth research and technical accumulation on high-speed plate and process

  • Maximum design rate:28Gps
  • Maximum design layers
  • Fastest delivery:10000pin/7 days

Standardized quality control system, perfect system and process, and unified quality inspection standards

PCB design process and control system

Frequent communication with our customers will take place before the design framework of the product is defined. Then, we will provide an integrated service program from product schematic design, layout, hardware design, product processing (including electronic component procurement), assembly, and testing, to the finished product. This complete solution will save our customers a great deal of time and cost and help them to stay ahead of the market. We provide the best service to our customers relying on advanced equipment and techniques, an excellent team, and management. It is our goal to achieve a win-win situation with our customers. To start your project, please contact us at with your requirements. We will be in touch with you soon to learn more about your ideas and what kind of solutions we can offer.


please send mail to SALES@PCBWINASSEMBLY.COM

we will quote for you as soon as possible.


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