PCBWIN started pcb fabrication since 2009,up until now we have gained reputation both domestic and oversea market with over 5000 customers.

PCBwin has been engaged in the PCB industry for decades. We have adhered to providing customers with products with great quality and high-standard services and never forget our original intention. PCBWin always provide customers with products they need, including standard FR4 board, metal base PCB, rigid&flex board, high-frequency PCB, and PCB made of special materials from 2-64 layers. We provide solutions for different industries and enjoy a good reputation.

PCB Capability

Item Sample capacity Mass Production
Basic Capablity Layer Count 1-64L 1-28L
Materials Type: High TG, EHalongen free, High Frequency, High CTI


Type: High TG, EHalongen free, High Frequency, High CTI


Board Thickness 0.1-8mm 0.3-5mm
Copper Thickness inner layer 6OZ; out layer: 8OZ inner layer 6OZ; out layer: 8OZ
Surface treatment HASL、ENIG、Gold Plating、Gold Finger、OSP、Immersion Tin/Silver,Peelable Mask HASL、ENIG、Gold Plating、Gold Finger、OSP、Immersion Tin/Silver,Peelable Mask
Product Type Rigid board Back-board,HDI,Multilayer blind/buried vias,buried resistor,buried capacitor,thick copper board,Semiconductor test board Back-board,HDI,Multilayer blind/buried vias,thick copper board
Flex board Flex(1-8L), Flex-rigid board(1-24L) Flex(1-8L), Flex-rigid board(1-16L)
Metal base board Alu Base(1-2L,3W/m.k),Cu Base(1-2L,3W/m.k) Alu Base(1-2L,3W/m.k),Cu Base(1-2L,3W/m.k)
Min Track Width/Space Inner Layer 18um(1/2OZ): 2/2mil 18um(1/2OZ): 3/3mil
35um(1OZ): 3/3mil 35um(1OZ): 3/3mil
70um(2OZ): 4/5mil 70um(2OZ): 5/5mil
105um(3OZ): 6.5/6.5mil 105um(3OZ): 6.5/6.5mil
140um(4OZ): 8/8mil 140um(4OZ): 8/8mil
175um(5OZ): 10/10mil 175um(5OZ): 10/10mil
210um(6OZ): 12/12mil 210um(6OZ): 12/12mil
Out Layer 12um(1/3OZ): 2/2mil 12um(1/3OZ): 2.5/2.5mil
18um(1/2OZ): 3/3mil 18um(1/2OZ): 3/3mil
35um(1OZ): 5/5mil 35um(1OZ): 5/5mil
70um(2OZ): 8/8mil 70um(2OZ): 9/9mil
105um(3OZ): 10/10mil 105um(3OZ): 10/10mil
140um(4OZ): 10/13mil 140um(4OZ): 13/13mil
175um(5OZ): 12/15mil 175um(5OZ): 14/14mil
210um(6OZ): 12/19mil 210um(6OZ): 18/18mil
Drilling Finished hole size (Mechanical) 0.15-6.3mm 0.15-6.3mm
Finished hole size (laser hole) 0.076-0.2mm 0.1-0.15mm
half hole min size 0.3mm 0.3mm
thickness aperture ratio 20:1 10:1
DHI Type 1+n+1, 1+1+n+1+1, 2+n+2, 3+n+3(n:buried hole size≤0.3mm) 1+n+1, 1+1+n+1+1, 2+n+2, 3+n+3(n:buried hole size≤0.3mm)
back-drilling min size: 0.15mm 0.15mm
Other Solder mask Colour Green,White,Black,Blue,Yellow,Red,Purple Green,White,Black,Blue,Yellow,Red,Purple
Impedance Control Tolerance ≤5 ≤5
Impedance Control Tolerance 5% 5%
Certificates UL E481222 E339633
ISO9001 Yes Yes
ISO14001 Yes Yes
ROHS Yes Yes
ITAF16949 Yes Yes
ISO13485 Yes Yes

PCB Product

8 Layers Rigid-Flex board with blind

22 Layers with minimum line width
and space 3/3mil

10 Layers FR4+Rogers(4350B)

8 Layers with 4oz copper all layers

4 Layers Flex board, 0.2mm thickness

14 Layers HDI board with partial
hard gold 30U’’

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