Original or primary agency traceable components, Full BOM quotation provider

PCBWin has professional purchasing team with over 10 specialists who are experienced in components purchasing and all electronic components are purchased strictly according to the brand and model specified in the BOM.

We have our own components warehouse with standard over 10,000 components in stock. We follow a well-organized components purchasing schedule, which has been designed to fit smoothly into our PCB Assembly process to ensure maximum efficiency for your project. Meanwhile, PCBWIN component department sourcing the components directly from components original manufacturer and primary agency. Cooperative suppliers include overseas stock distributors such as digikey, mouser, RS, Element14, Farnell, Arrow, as well as original manufacturers and authorized agents such as NXP, ON, TDK, TE, Molex,TI, ST, Atmel, etc.


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Component Traceability

  • We source the highest quality parts and ensure every single component aligns with the customer’s BOM, traceable to an audited list of component suppliers.
  • Depending on the nature of industry and customer need, we can maintain history and traceability of the components to the board level (for example with MedTech devices).
  • We also institute ‘Advanced product quality planning’ (APQP) and ‘Production part approval process’  (PPAP) (example automotive segment) or any other controls as required by the customer.

Components Storage

After the components arrive our warehouse, the warehouse personnel will take inventory and place them to be marked as “for inspection”,  Then the QC will inspect and classified storage.
Verification content includes:

  • Product name, model specification, manufacturer, production date or batch number, shelf life, quantity, packaging status and qualification certificates, etc.
    If it is not qualified after verification, the purchaser shall be notified to negotiate or process the return.
  • After receiving the inspection report that concludes as “qualified”, the warehouse keeper shall go through the warehousing procedures in time,
    and the components in the inspection area are transferred to the qualified area of the warehouse for storage.
    The products to be inspected that have been placed in the qualified area of the warehouse shall be removed from the “Pending Inspection” mark;
    when an inspection report with an inspection conclusion of “unqualified” is received, Make the non-conforming mark according to the regulations and wait for the return.

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